THE ONE DAY WORKSHOP: Our days typically go from about 9-4:00.  We will chat the morning away, take a break for lunch & then go have some fun behind the camera! The day wraps up with processing our day's images and no secrets left q&a time :)

INDIVIDUAL OR GROUP MENTORING? The individual mentoring session costs a bit more but allows the day to be completely catered to your skill level and questions.  The group mentoring sessions give you an opportunity to go over an even greater range of questions & topics and gain an amazing network of new friends & collaborators.


- one-on-one mentoring is $950 for the day (sign up with a friend and it's only $1650 for both of you!) I live in the beautiful PNW and you are welcome to come to me, if you want me to come out to you then my travel fees will need to be covered.

- group mentoring days range in price from about $500 to $800 a person depending on the number of attendees.  I will list current cities on my itinerary below but if you already have a group of at least 4-5 and would like to host in your city, let me know.  The day is complimentary for the host ;)

HOW TO SIGN UP?  Just email me if you would like to do an individual or group mentoring session and I will send you ALL the details!

I can't wait to meet you :)


TRAVEL CITIES!!! Open for one-on-one mentoring or photo shoots.   (one on one's & workshops are for you hands on learners... if you need help in specific areas or just want walked through step by step, this is for you)

Please email me with your desired city at

ONLINE WORKSHOP: Inspired Child | The Define School This is a three week class taught online in a private forum  | $250 (this is perfect if you have lots of questions but can't do an in person workshop right now)

I am also offering a very limited number of phone/video chat consults.  These start at $225/hr.